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Photography is my profession

I never thought that being a photographer can be so much fun.
I’m telling everyone how lucky I am, but always was the same: me being very lucky.

Going back a few years, then I thought as well I was very lucky : I had a nice job in a corporation, I was well paid and super well stressed.
Then the best thing happened to me : I had a motorcycle accident. An ugly one, involving a motorcycle, a car and a train. And that kept me away from work, stress and everything related for almost half a year.

You might ask where was my luck…
It was right there with me, because between bandages, doctors and painkillers I start to think about what makes people happy. And as I did not know all the people, I started with me.
Money never made me happy, so I looked in other direction.
All my life I had two burning desires : motorcycles and photography. I knew then everything one possibly know about them. I was going to sleep, dreaming and waking up thinking about them.

Motorcycles are a deadly passion and I was resting my days on a hospital bed from this reason.
What about photography? Can I make a living out of it?
In my meditations I realized that if you do not enjoy what you do is almost impossible to be really good at it, but to enjoy photography I will have to choose my projects and do not accept any bullshit just to make a living. That means a lot of work, a slower but steadier growth.

Some years have passed and between mistakes I found my way through photography: I love to picture artists and I love fashion.
I do all kinds of photography, but these two types I enjoy the most. I even do a wedding once a year if I am very hungry.

In the meantime I got two awards from Fashion TV: Best podium photographer and Best Fashion Photographer.

Also I had an exhibition at National Museum of Art in Bucharest. For that expo, I created 8 artistic pictures, somehow different than what I usually create, but quite interesting I would say.

The funny thing happened and I never thought this will be possible : someone got my contacts and in the next day asked for a meeting with the intention of buying one of my creations. I was so happy that someone want to buy it that I would give it away for free. He bought it on the spot and offered quite a sum.

This blog will be about my journey trough photography, project by project, picture by picture.

I will appreciate every suggestions ( except for the bad ones), every comment, like or share.